Derryck Lawrence
Motown Wonder

Derryck Lawrence is a remarkable performer, equally comfortable performing Classic Rock, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Motown, Top 40 along with his well-known tribute show "If Only for One." This show pays tribute to Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, George Benson, Luther Vandross, and The Men of Motown, classify his musical tribute like no other than simply outstanding

If one were to re-imagine the last 30 years of R&B/JAZZ and Soul Music as a sort of “reality show,” full of plot twists, physical challenges, strategic alliances, and a cast tasked with using their individual gifts to plot their course for survival…Derryck Lawrence might very well be the last man standing! With an almost unheard-of a 30-year career and ten solo recordings as proof, it stands to reason music fans are

nowhere near ready to vote Derryck Lawrence off the proverbial “island” where he

continues to reign as the Prince of Sophisticated Soul. 

Lawrence’s voice is one of the most distinctive, loved, and instantly recognizable voices in R&B. His flawless, emotive, buttery-smooth, and honey-toned baritone, along with his impeccable phrasing and jazz-fueled agile runs, seamlessly bridge the worlds of R&B and Jazz.