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Jacnique Nina

Chi-Lites Featuring Marshall Thompson
Neo-Soul, Jazz Vocals

About  the  Artist

 JACNIQUE NINA...sensationally soulful, jazzy, sultry siren. 2017 Akademia Music Award winner of, "Best Jazz Song" for her single, “Sunrise”. 2015 Artist In Music Awards nominee in 3 categories, “Best Adult Contemporary Artist”, “Best Jazz Artist” and “Best R&B Artist”. 2014 Artist In Music Awards nominee for “Best Jazz Artist”. 2013 Eliunn Award winner in association with Orphans In The Storm for “Excellence in the Arts”. 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards nominee for “Jazz Artist of The Year”. 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, in the genre of Jazz, for her song, “Rise In Love”. 2011 winner of 2 Black Music Awards, "Best Neo-Soul Artist" and "Best Urban Soul Artist". 2011 Los Angeles Music Awards winner, Producer's Choice "Jazz Album of The Year" for her debut album, Trial By Fire. (Previous Producers Choice winners include No Doubt, The Black Eyed Peas, System of A Down and Sugar Ray.)
Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jacnique Nina (pronounced zha-NEEK nee-nah).  Her Song Wish of the Heart was produced by prolific songwriter Preston Glass who has conjured bliss and magic for the finest of female singers, including Natalie Cole, Phyllis Hyman and Whitney Houston.  “I was an early fan of Smooth Jazz,” Jacnique offers. “Kenny G’s Duotones album (released in 1986 and boasting present day sales of 10 million copies) was one of my very most favorites.

Jacnique’s is oscillating strongest in sentiments she shares on her new song “Steppin’ Out On Faith.” “It’s taken me a long time to let go of certain things, step into a new realm and let God lead my path,” she concludes. “When people hear that song, I pray it encourages them to take the next step to become more focused on goals they’re trying to pursue and to be more encouraged on their journey every day. I hope for them, like me, that this project changes their lives.”  Wish of the Heart promises to be THE album to warm hearts winter, spring, summer, fall and forever. Jacnique’s mesmerizing, jazzy, soul-samba-kissed sound is crystalline by definition in these three words: enriching, essential, timeless.


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