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Mick Adams and The Stones
Mick Adams and The Stones, the Ultimate
About the Group

Not only is Mick Adams a dead-ringer for Mick Jagger, he brings Mick Jagger’s intense energy to each and every performance.

Mick Adams and The Stones® are endorsed by former Atlantic Records President Jerry Greenberg who said,

“This band must be seen to be believed. It doesn’t get any closer than this!”

Mick Adams has every move, every look and every nuance of Mick Jagger down to perfection! Mick Jagger himself sent his
personal assistant to a Mick Adams and The Stones® show to record Mick Adams and sent back a big thumbs up!
Among their numerous awards, Mick Adams and the Stones ® have been named one of the top ten tribute bands in the

World by Backstage Magazine. They have appeared on National Televisions, The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands,

as the world’s greatest tribute to The Rolling Stones twice with Mick Adams appearing on the show

two additional times as the World’s Greatest Mick Jagger impersonator.


The band has also won the Ultimate Music Challenge held by Viejas Casino and came in number one against forty other tribute bands.
Mick Adams and The Stones® have performed for Brad Pitt, David Spade, Jack Black, Jack McBrayer (Talladega Nights and 30 Rock) Acadamy Award-winning actress Amy Adams, Flava Flav, Will Ferrell, Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest, Judd Apatow,
Leslie Bibb, and more.
The band is a complete authentic recreation of The Rolling Stones LIVE in concert! Mick Adams and The Stones®

feature all lookalike performers, custom made replica costumes and replica instruments,

full choreography, and an incredible video show that accompanies each song.
As the former lead vocalist for Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, Mick toured the United States

in support of their GOLD record and NUMBER ONE HIT, “Billy Don’t Be A Hero.”
Mick has toured with the likes of Tommy James, The Turtles, The Monkees, The Association, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Buckinghams,

Herman’s Hermits, & the Rascals. Mick has also performed with Spencer Davis, Rick Springfield, Johnny Rivers
,NeilSedakaand rock and roll hall-of-famer Sam Moore. He has recorded with Mark Kendall of Great White as well as Ronnie James Dio’s guitarist,

Tracy G, and has also donevoice-over work for MADD TV.

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