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A Tribute to WAR
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About the Group

“RAW” a tribute band dedicated to all of the original members of lowrider/war iconic band. The real deal, cats! BD Dickerson , Howard Scott ,Harold brown ,and lee Oscar,

(and the late) Charles miller and Papa D. Allen.

The band “RAW” was established in the year 2013.  Although it was in my heart to play their music since they came out in the late 60's. We, the members of “RAW” have been avid fans of this timeless and earth moving music, we have an 8-piece band and every one of the members plays an instrument and all are lead singers. It was a challenge to find these musicians, who left their ego at the front door and united to make this sweet band. “raw” the 1st tribute band dedicated to the lowrider band.

R&B, Pop Rock
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