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Marvin 'SweetBass' Banks
R&B/Soul/Funk & Dance
About the Group

​ True musicianship has become an anomaly.  

Because of this, TYGHTSHIP was formed.


Since its Beginnings in 1998, their founder, Marvin"SweetBass"Banks,

has made TYGHTSHIP's mission to not only to perform great Shows,

but to leave their Audience Completely Entertained.

​The 5-piece group combines "Old School Funk", Smooth Contemporary Jazz,80’s & 90's R&B, to “New School" dance.  

Music that transforms into an epic Musical experience with each performance.

​The group is based out of Los Angeles, and has been performing locally and nationwide for over 20 years!

TYGHTSHIP has had sellout shows combining professional musicianship, dance choreography,

and in many cases, 5-part harmony vocals (given that all members of the band are vocalists as well).  


Members of the band have Toured.  And shared the stage with a variety of well-known recording artists such as:

The Gap Band, The Delfonics, Lakeside, Jeffrey Osborne, L.T.D., O'Bryan, Arsenio Hall,

Lenny Kravitz, Andre Crouch, Kirk Franklin, The Whispers, Ohio Players, DeBarge, Peter White, Cameo,

Evelyn "Champagne" King, Cheryl Underwood, and Prince.

The list goes on and on!

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